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Untaimedgrayson1771, Jan 31, 11 10:31 AM.

Hey there its Untaimed,

This is just a friendly reminder of our guild rules.

1) I will not tolerate any ludicrous behavior. When you act poorly you reflect poorly on the guild. Anything that is to the extreme will get you banned from the guild. (Keep in mind that we are fair here and will hear all sides of the story before making any decisions.)

2) I would prefer if all members of this guild were 18 years of age and older. Exceptions can and will be made under special circumstances. Minor invitations will have to be approved by Untaimed and Theft.

3) You must be active! After one month of inactivity on the game on a toon, that said toon will be booted from the guild. Unless you send a letter to Untaimed explaining your situation and requesting a pass to this rule. Then and only then will it be extended. (Amount of extension will vary depending on the situation.) If you do happen to be booted from the guild you are more than welcome to come back at any given time. The reason we have this rule is because of guild renown rot. After level 25 we will be taking rot for the amount of players in our guild. The more active our members are the more renown we can bring in to make up for the loss.

4) We are a friendly open and helpful guild. Keep that in mind while you play.

Eddie Clip of the week

Untaimedgrayson1771, Jan 31, 11 10:10 AM.

How we came up with our name

Untaimedgrayson1771, Dec 27, 10 4:27 PM.

We appreciate you joining our sight and our guild. You are very valuable to us and we hope you will remain a member for years to come. I’m sure your probably wondering where our wacky name came from well just click on the you tube link below and watch how the inspiration for this guild came crashing down on us in a very funny way.

One of our many wonderful members
Hello My name is Untaimed. I have currently been playing DDO for a little over a year now. I admit I don't always know everything, I still have much to learn. But I enjoy helping people. It is that little bit right there that has brought me to starting a Guild. I enjoy giving people a place to come to when they want to relax have fun or need help and want people within arms reach to help them. My main Toons name is Untaimed (Current lvl 20 Cleric) I have several other toons, all sorts of different classes and levels. Mostly I can be found running around trying my darnedest in vain to heal war forged.
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Guys: No Shirt, No Service - Gals: No Shirt, No Charge

- unknown
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